monday and tuesday

Chicken Parmesan      20.00
Chicken Parmesan with linguini Alfredo and garlic toast


Liver & Onions      4oz. 18.00      2x 4oz. 22.00
Beef liver served with bacon, sautéed onions and gravy, steamed vegetables and choice of side

NEW -All pizzas are $2 off on Wednesdays ONLY (See dinner menu for pizza selection)


Veal Parmesan      21.00
Veal Parmesan with linguini Alfredo and garlic toast

Perogies     16.00
Potato & cheddar stuffed perogies with chorizo sausage, sautéed onions, mixed cheese, smoked paprika and sour cream


Daily Soup    ** Ask your server for our freshly made soup of the day**
– Bowl  7.25    – Cup   5.95 

French Onion Soup 10.50

We have frozen homemade lasagna available. 2lb, beef & pork blend. $24 each


Firecracker Calamari 18.00

Crispy firecracker calamari w/ sauteed onions & jalapenos, julienne lettuce, lemon wedge and sweet chili sauce.

Mussels 16.00

1lb fresh organic PEI mussels w/ sauteed onions & peppers, julienne carrots in a white wine spicy tomato broth. Served w/ garlic toast.

Baked Brie 16.00

Baked triple brie cheese w/ roasted red grapes, spring mix salad, mixed berry compote and onion & garlic poppy seed crackers.



Blue Cheese Steak 41.00

10oz AAA Canadian striploin pepper steak topped w/ sauteed onions & mushrooms and crumbled blue cheese. Served w/ organic spring mix salad w/ honey raspberry vinaigrette. Topped w/ julienne carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion,  and blue cheese crumble.

Baked Meat Lasagna 24.00

Chef Gee’s homemade lasagna served w/ Caesar or spring mix salad and garlic toast.

Beef Ravioli 26.00

Braised beef and mushroom stuffed ravioli w/ roasted mushroom spinach cream sauce. Served w/ garlic toast.




Meat Lasagna (frozen)

Chef Gee’s homemade baked beef & pork lasagna, 2lb serving, $24.

Pasta Add-ons

  • 2pc Bacon +2.25
  • Chorizo Sausage +5.50
  • 4oz Chicken Breast +5.50
  • 7oz Chicken Breast +9.00
  • Seasonal Vegetables +6.00
  • 6 Tiger Shrimp +10.00
  • Cajun Salmon +12.00

• Seasoned fries
• Garlic mashed potatoes
• Yam mash
• Steamed Yukon potatoes
• Roasted rosemary potatoes
• Basmati rice
• Sweet potato fries w/chipotle mayo  +2.50
• Brown rice  +2.00
• Spring mix salad
• Caesar salad  +2.00