Served Tuesday - Sunday 4:00pm - 9:00pm (Sunday 8:00pm)

Updated: February 28th, 2021


Daily Soups      7.25 
Cream of Mushroom Barley
Pulled Pork and Vegetable Barley
See Frozen Meals for more soup options

Bacon Wrapped Scallops        24.00
4 wild-caught (U-10 size) jumbo bacon wrapped scallops, diced tomato & red onion & chipotle mayo

Cauliflower Bites       14.00
1 Lb. lightly battered baked cauliflower florets tossed in buffalo wing sauce, served with carrots & cucumber sticks and choice of dipping sauce (Ranch or Blue cheese)

Breaded Pickles          12.00
Breaded crispy fried pickles w/ jerk may mayo

Sticky Fingers     15.00
Crispy fried chicken fingers tossed in sweet and spicy chili sauce with julienned onions, peppers and carrots, served over crispy noodles

Baked Brie    16.00
Baked double cream brie cheese w/ roasted red grapes, spring mix salad, mixed berry compote & onion garlic poppy seed crackers

Spanakopita      16.00
10 pieces of phyllo wrapped Greek spanakopita freshly baked & served w/ house made tzatziki on a bed of lettuce


Pork Chop      16.00
8 oz. grilled pork loin (center-cut) chop with sautéed onion & mushroom gravy, served with steamed veggies and your choice of side.

Pasta Al Tonno    18.00
White flaked tuna with capers, red onion, garlic, diced tomato & fresh dill tossed with penne pasta & an olive oil, seafood broth served w/ garlic toast

Jerk Chicken Club on Naan     16.00
Grilled naan bread stuffed w/ jerk chicken breast, 3 piece bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & jerk mayo served with choice of side

Rainbow Trout        24.00
8 oz wild caught fresh Ontario rainbow trout with a lemon caper cream sauce, served with steamed veggies and your choice of side.

Duck Confit       26.00
Sweet soy & honey glazed duck confit leg & thigh (King Cole) with steamed veggies & choice of side

10 oz Striploin Steak       35.00
10 oz AAA NY striploin steak charbroiled & smothered in sautéed onion & mushroom gravy w/ steamed veggies & choice of side

• Seasoned fries
• Garlic mashed potatoes
• Yam mash
• Steamed Yukon potatoes
• Roasted rosemary potatoes
• Basmati rice
• Sweet potato fries w/chipotle mayo  +2.50
• Brown rice  +2.00
• Spring mix salad
• Caesar salad  +2.00


Currently Available Everyday


Chicken Parmesan      20.00
Chicken Parmesan with linguini Alfredo and garlic toast


Liver & Onions      20.00
Two 4 oz beef liver served with bacon, sautéed onions and gravy, steamed vegetables and choice of side


Veal Parmesan      21.00
Veal Parmesan with linguini Alfredo and garlic toast

Perogies     16.00
Potato & cheddar stuffed perogies with chorizo sausage, sautéed onions, mixed cheese, smoked paprika and sour cream